Chasing Spirits | A Homeowners Guide To Ghastly Electricity Drains

Every month when you open your energy bill, if you are like a lot of homeowners, you are bracing yourself to see the amount due. Paying an energy bill every month may be a necessity, but there is no reason that it should be something that invokes fear. The scariest part is, you could have a house full of invisible energy suckers that drive your energy consumption up by draining electricity. Here are a few ways you can chase these electricity-hungry ghouls out of your home and see your energy bill come down.

An Outdated Electrical Panel

It may seem like nothing more than just a metal box with a bunch of breakers, but this is the central point of electric power in your home. If it is not up-to-date, your modern appliances will have to work harder to get the power that they need to function. For example, if you have a modern HVAC system, but the designated breaker is not supplying enough wattage for the system, the control unit will run continuously to try and gain enough power to acclimate your home to your specifications. If you see that your appliances are acting a little weird and your home is not a new one, it is a good idea to have a residential electrical contractor take a look.

Bad Wiring

Bad wiring is more than just a fire hazard in your home; it could also be sucking a lot of energy that is never used to power anything at all. While electrical current is pushed through the wires, it is meant to hit a specific destination, but if an open circuit is allowed to leak arcs of electricity in the process, you will use way more energy than you should. A good indicator that the wiring in your home is bad is when you plug something in or flip on a light switch, and it takes a moment for the current to reach either the light switch or outlet. If you have had this issue in your home, it is best to get professional attention right away to have your wiring checked out.

With electricity prices rising, wasting power in your home is likely something that is always on your mind. Talk to an electrical contractor for more information about problems that could be causing phantom power usage in your house and leaving you with higher power bills every month.

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