Pinpoint Your Home Electrical Upgrade Needs

When considering your electrical needs, there are two things to consider: wiring quality and level of use. The age, condition and amount of wiring in your home can have a big effect on the way your electronics perform and can even affect your electrical bill. As you plan on renovations or bringing in new devices that need electricity, consider a few ways that an electrician can lend a helping hand.

Brittle Wiring Causes And Solutions

"Bad wiring" may come up in conversation with other homeowners and electricians. It could mean that the wiring is old and falling apart, or it could mean that the electrical wiring was installed poorly by a previous attempt. First, think about old wiring.

Electrical wires are made out of copper or similar conductors of electricity. The copper wiring is shielded in a protective coating that both protects the wiring from damage and the person touching the wire from electrical shock.

Since the wiring is so thin, it's possible to accidentally tear the wire apart from simple handling if the wiring is under too much stress. The stress can come from pulling and twisting, but it can also come from the electricity that the wiring was designed to handle.

Electricity is a source of heat. Although the copper material is designed to withstand an electrical charge for extended periods of time, it's only a matter of time before the constant heating and cooling makes the wiring brittle. The wire could even begin to deteriorate on its own, which can make a particularly hot charge of electricity even more dangerous to the wire's integrity.

Incorrect installation can create similar problems. If only a small amount of wiring is used for what should be a major electrical circuit, the wire can quickly overheat and damage itself due to the burden. Using the wrong type of wire--such as wire designed for car speakers or other purposes--can result in a fast overheating and burning of the wiring.

An Electrician Can Solve Either Problem

It's important to understand the problem in your home in order to be aware of other issues, but rest assured; an electrician can handle either issue with similar techniques. In the case of poor electrical installation, an electrician needs to inspect the entire house for wiring issues. Brittle wiring may call for the same inspection.

In either case, there may be some wiring that doesn't need to be touched. Some wiring may simply require an additional wire path to spread the electrical burden and reduce the heat coursing through a single wire. 

No matter the issue, get in contact with an electrician to discuss your options and to prepare for new wiring to support modern electronics.

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